The aluminium scandal in vaccines and gastric bandages

With Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan we put an end to the aluminium in human medicines scandal

Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan discovered the Sleepwatch system and its many therapeutic applications in the form of patches. At the same time, he happens to be a Pharmacologist-Toxicologist expert specialized in Pharmacokinetics. This is why, in May 2018, he realized that experts from the ANSM, the academies of medicine and pharmacy, as well as the LEEM (professional organization of drug companies in France) had all made mistakes, unfortunately for the vaccinated people, in interpreting the Minimum Toxic Dose for oral aluminum, concluding, both orally for gastric dressings and IM for vaccines, that aluminum was not toxic, when it is exactly the opposite.

His experience as an Expert Pharmacologist-Toxicologist specialized in Pharmacokinetics, allows him to establish a certificate of expertise prohibiting, according to the commands of the FDA and WHO, the presence of aluminum in all drugs for human use: acid-resistant gastric dressings and vaccines containing aluminum.

Anyone holding this certificate of expertise may object, for themselves and their children, to the administration of these deadly drugs prohibited by the FDA and WHO since 1996.

Click here to download the certificate of expertise