Jean-Bernard Fourtillan’s incredible interview with James Parkinson and Alois Alzheimer (part 2)

Letter from Pr Henri Joyeux no 144

After the detailed presentation, by James Parkinson and Alois Alzheimer themselves, of the diseases named after them, here is a second fictional interview conducted by James and Alois. They talk to Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, who discovered the sleep hormone and sleep-wake regulation.

Second interview

Once again Pr Jean-Bernard Fourtillan answers the questions of James Parkinson and Alois Alzheimer. He explains how the contribution of the 3 hormones, Melatonin (MLT), 6-Methoxyharmalan (6-MH) and Valentonin (VLT), can be effective when they are insufficiently secreted by the pineal gland. 

Firstly, beyond the clinical sleep disorders and other symptoms characteristic of the diseases, it is important to measure the plasma concentration of Melatonin, the marker of the intensity of the secretions of the 3 hormones by the pineal gland, via a simple blood sample taken from 1am, i.e. 3 hours after bedtime. The result of this analysis and the clinical examination of the patient will determine whether a hormone replacement therapy is required. This therapy shall consist of simultaneously administering, at bedtime, 3mg of MLT by mouth and a dual-compartment transdermal patch, capable of releasing 100 microgrammes of 6-MH and 400 microgrammes of VLT in the body.

The patches, eagerly awaited by the general public, are currently in production. They will be made available to patients from the summer of 2017.

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