A non-profit endowment fund
for your health

Professors Jean-Bernard Fourtillan and Henri Joyeux have decided to unite their efforts in order to announce to the general public, at the same time as to healthcare professionals and to researchers, this essential discovery and the medicinal products (single- or dual-compartment patches), in the process of being prepared, which result therefrom.

Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan and his wife created a non-profit endowment fund, the Josefa Fund, to which were given, in their totality, the intellectual property rights to the medicinal product patents resulting from this discovery.

Purpose of the Fund

The objective of the Josefa Endowment Fund is to collect:

– royalties, as owner of the intellectual property rights, on the sales of medicinal products derived from the discovery of the Sleep-Wake system;

– all other donations;

– the proceeds of the donations.

The sums collected will be used:

– for medical and scientific research with a view to improving the treatment of neurological disorders, as well as any other disorders due to dysfunctions of the Sleep-Wake system;

dessin hospital

– to support philanthropic projects relating to patients suffering from neurological disorders;

– to aid religious and cultural projects of general interest.

The Fund is administered by a Governing Board and assisted by an Advisory Committee responsible for making investment policy proposals to the Governing Board and following them up.