Sleep which is often disturbed! It affects us all.

Letter from Pr Henri Joyeux no 147

Sleep which is often disturbed! It affects us all.

This letter, which focuses on sleep, has been eagerly awaited. The general public are passionate about this subject which disrupts so many nights of our contemporaries.

The pace of modern life, sleepless nights, our city thoroughfares lit up like the middle of the day, have made us forget about the importance of nocturnal rest. This is how our body works. It points this out to us when we forget, in the form of insomnia or hypersomnia which combine and cause so many diseases which increasingly affect younger people.

Here is the letter which will give you all the information you need on these key issues discovered at the juncture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Pr Jean-Bernard Fourtillan discovered the sleep hormone and, as a result, the regulation of the very different conditions of day and night. He agreed to answer my questions.

You will learn about the gland which is the origin of sleep and wake states, its location and the hormones it produces; but also about its mode of action and the plasma marker which, when measured in a small amount of blood, will provide the indication of a hormone replacement by patch to enable the transdermal absorption of the deficient hormones. 

Do not hesitate to circulate this letter, intended for the general public, who now have the capacity to understand, as well as scholars and experts in medicine.

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