Sister Josefa Menéndez  R.S.C.J.
(February 4, 1890, Madrid – December 29, 1923, Poitiers)

“Messenger of the Love and Mercy of Jesus”

Presented by Jean-Bernard Fourtillan

Maria Josefa Menéndez, the oldest daughter of 6 children of Leonardo Menéndez and Lucia del Moral, was born in Madrid on February 4, 1890.
At a very young age, Josefa decided to completely dedicate her heart and soul to Jesus, and to give herself to him by becoming his bride. She was 11 years old, at the time of her first communion on March 17, 1901, when Jesus answered her question by saying: “Yes, my daughter, I want you to be all mine!”

Her devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and her religious calling go back to this time. Father José Maria Rubio (1864 – 1929), Spanish Jesuit priest, canonized in 2003 by Jean Paul II, was her spiritual advisor from her first confession at the age of 7.
As the breadwinner for her family since the death of her father on April 7, 1910, she was not able to enter the religious life until 1920. At the age of 30, on February 5, 1920, Josefa was finally able to realize her dream; she entered into the Les Feuillants convent of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a coadjutrix sister, in Poitiers, where a novitiate had just been created.

Josefa at age 25, in Madrid 

Josefa at Les Feuillants in Poitiers,
July 16, 1922, day of her first vows

The Lord awaited her at Les Feuillants convent to make her his messenger. For 4 years, in perfect communion with Jesus, Josefa would live passions similar to the passion of Christ, with all its suffering. She had many admirable interviews with Our Lord, the Virgin Saint and Madeleine-Sophie Barat, holy Mother who founded the Society of the Sacred Heart.

The mission given to Sister Josefa Menéndez by Our Lord

The divine words of the message, addressed to humanity around the world, were a reminder of Our Lord’s Love and Mercy. Jesus felt it was necessary to confirm to us the promises of the New Testament in the words of the 20th century. Accordingly, nineteen centuries after having declared it in his public life, Jesus asked Josefa to report and confirm to us, in a very clear manner, that he is a God of love, forgiveness and inexhaustible mercy.
The words of redemptive love and mercy that Our Lord asked Josefa, his messenger, to deliver to humanity around the world were summarized in the words that Jesus addressed to her during the 4 years that she spent at the Les Feuillants convent in Poitiers.
On the evening of February 24, 1921, at the Holy Hour, the Calling was renewed explicitly. Our Lord said to Josefa: “The world does not know the Mercy in my Heart. I want to use you make it known… I want you to be the apostle of my Goodness and Mercy. I will teach you what that means, forget yourself”.

On Monday, June 11, 1921, a few days after the feast of the Sacred Heart, Our Lord said to her: “… My Heart’s sole desire is to hold you in It, to possess you in my Love, to be able to make your smallness and fragility a channel for mercy for the many souls that will be saved through you… I want you to write down and keep everything that I say to you. Everyone will read it when you are in heaven. It is not due to your merits that I make use of you; but I want souls to see how my Power makes use of poor and miserable instruments”.

During her stay in Rome, at the mother house of the Society of the Sacred Heart, from October 2 to 26, 1923:
– On October 7, 1923, Jesus said to Josefa: “Josefa… Why are you so sad?… My sole desire is to reveal to souls the Love, Mercy and Forgiveness in my Heart! For this I have chosen you, miserable as you are!”

– On October 14, 1923, Jesus said to Josefa: “Yes, Josefa, I am the Son of the immaculate Virgin, the second part of the Holy Trinity, Jesus, the Son of God and God Himself, who had assumed my sacred Humanity to give my Blood and my Life for souls… I now seek to show them my Love and Mercy, and it is for this that I have come down to you….

On November 13, 1923, feast day of Saint Stanislaus, patron of the novitiate, Jesus said to Josefa: “… I want the whole world to know that I am a God of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy… For the world to know my Goodness, I need apostles to show them my Heart….. I want to form a league of love among consecrated Souls, so that they can teach and publish my Mercy and my Love to the ends of the Earth… I want the world to be saved… I want peace and unity to reign over it. I want to reign and I will reign through reparation of my chosen Souls and by a new knowledge of my Goodness, my Mercy and my Love… I address my appeal to everyone: to consecrated souls and those of the world, the just and the sinners, the learned and the ignorant, those who command and those who obey… Do men know what I did for them?… I want the world to know my Heart… for it to read my ardent desire to forgive and save… That they all come: I await them as a Father, with open arms, to give them Life and true happiness”.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus launched a great call of love to the world through Josefa, and showed it his infinite Mercy.
This is what gives novelty and force to the message, signed by the divine hand, that Sister Josefa Menéndez transmits to us(« The Way of Divine Love »).

God, Josefa and the revelation of the Sleep-Wake system in the Creation

On September 29, 1923, Jesus told Josefa: “I want to conquer all hearts with the Power of my Love: I want to restore, raise and ennoble morals so that men no longer live solely for the earth but also for Heaven. I do not mean that I am opposed to science, crafts and arts; on the contrary I want men and nations to enhance their knowledge, wisdom and power, but I want them to combine Divine science with human sciences while also advancing and making progress on earth, striving for the elevation and happiness of the soul!”

When they discover the Sleep-Wake system, as it was “revealed” to me, the scientists of the whole world will recognize God’s Work. In explaining precisely this pivotal part of the mystery of life, the Creator tells us not only how our body works, but also, and especially, how to prevent and cure the malfunctions of the Sleep-Wake system at the root of so many common neurological conditions; in particular neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, which strike the elderly.

It was therefore for purposes of fighting disease that the sleep hormone was revealed to me in April of 1994, the key to the discovery of the Sleep-Wake system.

Its chemical structure, which I called valentonin, appeared to me in a few seconds, under exceptional circumstances. No doubt I was the right man at the right place, as the saying goes, in my smallness as a man of faith loving and listening to God, strong in my knowledge of fields as varied as chemistry and pharmaceutical and medical science. This first and indispensable discovery led me in 2007, after 13 years of work, to the Sleep-Wake system which, with three hormones secreted by the pineal gland while we sleep, protects and ensures the circadian regulation of our bodies.

n July 2007, having spent all my assets on this project, and short of money, I had to suspend development of this discovery.  This was a terrible ordeal for me that plunged me into a deep depression for 18 months from which I emerged in January of 2009 after the 25th electroshock session. My wife Marianne and I decided never to resume this development, to which I had dedicated 13 years of my life.

In 2013, friends who were religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus taught me to know and love Sister Josefa Menéndez. In July of 2014, during a trip to Brazil, I felt a message of love and mercy addressed to me by Sister Josefa, the Lord’s messenger, and I understood that the Sleep-Wake system was revealed to me to care for the many patients suffering from malfunctions in this system.

Increasingly convinced of the origin of this discovery, and that its revelation is a sign of God’s mercy, I decided, after 7 years of suspension, to resume development in order to care for patients.

Without the intervention in my life of Sister Josefa, the messenger of Our Lord’s Love and Mercy, my discovery would never have succeeded.

This is why my wife Marianne and I created the Sister Josefa Menéndez Endowment Fund, to which we have transferred all the intellectual property rights of the patents that we filed in 2015. The royalties that accrue to this endowment fund while these patents are exploited, as well as the donations collected, will be donated to support medical and scientific research to improve treatment of neurological disorders, as well as all other conditions related to malfunctions of the Sleep-Wake system.

It is certainly no coincidence that we are able to announce, to patients around the world, this discovery, willed by God in his merciful concern to heal them, during the Holy Year of Mercy that Pope Francis has called for.